Country House Renovation by Mide Architetti

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Renovating this historic building a farmhouse dating back to the 1887’s  the architects from Mide Architetti used materials that will maintain and enhance its typical characteristics: exposed brick walls, stone of Matraia and chestnut wood – to give the villa charming and simultaneously contemporary expression.

The authentic charm of this Tuscany villa is preserved not only in its facade but also in the main architectural construct when composing the modern, functional interior decor. The beautiful supporting ceiling beams have been carefully sandblasted and restored at their original glory, the exposed brick and stone walls introduce the rustic charming in the minimalistic modern decor.

The simple functionality of the modern furniture throughout the house is spiced up by some artistic and delightful details like the brass lamps above the elegant dining table, or the rich texture of the ocean blue carpet, or the art-tile installation in the bathroom. Such thoughtful and colorful details created the spirit of the house and combined with the beautiful original construct enrich the experience. The solidity of the used materials, the spirit of time past that can be felt in the premises and the simple elegance of the more modern additions composes a very inviting and stylish space to inhabit. The surroundings of the villa are also preserved in their traditional layout, the gentle slope host oaks, chestnuts and olive trees; the large swimming pool is cleverly integrated with the surrounding landscape, respecting the existing vegetation. In this way innovatively integrating and respecting the existing bases the architects succeeded in creating a modern home with a hint of romantic past and the charm of artistic future.

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