Contemporary Creative Office Space by IND Architects

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This contemporary, clear lined and minimalistic office space project is located in Moscow, and its magazine like features are designed to host the architectural studio IND Architects. The goal for the designers from ArtPlay was to create artistic and modern space where the creativity of the staff working there can be freely unleashed and allowed space to create. So, the small artful details composed on the canvas of black, white and gray simplicity, stand out entertainingly but without interfering with the working process.

The slightly urban and industrial appearance comes partly from preserving the giving’s of former industrial space ( like the exposed concrete ceiling and retraining the original concrete structure) and party from the art of the designers who choose to add simple black appliances and utilities that can stand out on the white walls of the premise. A modern working place where the clear aesthetics and simplicity of the basic colors and materials (wood, concrete and metal) is high- lined by artistic “thin yellow line” which extends throughout the office, not only in terms of interesting wall graffiti that adorns the two floors, but also as decorative elements and small details in vivid colors- flower pots, chairs, lights and so on. Working spaces, resting room, entering hall, common area- every ambiance has its artistic, minimalistic and contemporary individuality and all together create a unique and pleasant working station.

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