Contemporary Australian House on Beach Ave

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Constructed in the best traditions of contemporary Australian architecture this home combines beautiful natural materials: concrete, hoop-pine and Tallowwood – spacious and sunny premises and smooth and welcoming interior design. The architects from Schulberg Demkiw Architects had achieved a modern, clean emanation with a unostentatious luxury of materials, design elements, furniture and textures. The magnificent entwining of wood and concrete throughout the house is glowing under the abundance of natural light provided by window-screens, sky-light, well lights and beautiful timber panels perforated in contemporary patterns.

Every detail and fitting of the interior – from the elegant wooden chairs in the kitchen, through the gorgeous wooden staircase connecting the floors, to the smooth cladding of floors, walls and even occasional ceilings is custom made or designers’ choice to create one loved, cared for and beautifully decorated ambiance. All the small thoughtful elements of house- like the artistic decorations and art pieces, or the jazzy lighting solutions or the playful and inviting textures are contribute to the composition of this contemporary home that shoes balanced contrast of warm yet polished atmosphere. The three levels are connected via light wells and garden patios, inviting the outside as an integral part of the interior and additionally allowing the light to fill every space of the home, creating a calm, serene atmosphere that is imposed  by all the additional details – like the mild pastel colors, soft textures and smooth surfaces and…well altogether everything  It’s worth mentioning that the house is not only an exquisite example of modern architecture and design, but is also environmentally conscious and carefully constructed – with geothermal heating and cooling, recycled wooden constructs or sourced from sustainable plantations, with minimal print possible. Altogether a place worth examining, admiring not to mention inhabiting.

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