Contemporary Asian Elegance at Hotel Wind Decor

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Contemporary Asian elegance with ingenious art approach and carefully measured simplicity, entwined with unique signature elements – this Japanese hotel with the inspired name WIND becomes an amazing architecture and design experience. The architects from Team_Blug had created and envisaged the project with an eye toward the local Japanese traditions, nature, landscape and the soul of mystical natural forces. That is obvious from the fluid like ambiance of the inner-premise, from the boundless fusion between in and out, privet and communal, nature and craft.  Windows and views, well like spaces clad in magnificent wood, spectacular lightning solutions and playful material palette are the trademarks of the project.

At the lobby and reception area the architects successfully create an interesting dynamic, using minimalistic and clear lined elements – white, black and warm wood interweave in opposed shaping solutions – thin and long, oblong and oval, fluid and origami like – all together create elegant and serene ambiance. The color and material palette of the hotel express the Asian minimalism and the elegant approach of the designer’s quite well – concrete that impose clean and simple feel in the suite bathrooms, reflecting surfaces and glass for freedom and openness and abundance of wood cladding for comfort and charm.

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