Concrete House by Matt Gibson Architecture

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In a mood for something fresh, and cool, and restrained in those summer heat days? Check out this project of Matt Gibson Architecture – a contemporary concrete house located in Melbourne, Australia. One fresh, dynamic and young house sustained in the best traditions of the modernist functionalism and possessing the early elegance of high-quality architectural construct. The dominion of functional and trendy concrete (in many of its forms- raw, polished, as furniture and fixtures, in combination with wood or stone) is framed and moved by black aluminum lines, vast glass walls and timber cladding.

Like the architects note this Australian house is “designed to forge a direct relationship between inside and outside” so the free float of spaces, the natural materials, and the special landscape design (by Rick Eckersley) are logical emanation of a dynamic idea. The interior design is correspondingly original, fresh and contemporary; from the unique lighting solutions, trendy furniture, bespoke fittings to the graceful textures and artistic arrangement, everything in this house is special, playful and cool. The natural color palette adds to the fresh, natural ambiance of the whole house, this specific feeling that one gets from entering a space composed from natural materials- wood, stone, timber, concrete, and glass is dominating the welcoming premises of the Concrete House – one true representative of the modernistic architecture and contemporary design.  Photographs: Derek Swalwell

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