City Apartment Interior Design by Rina Lovko

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To unleash your imagination and create stunning interior is relatively easier when you have at your disposal spacious setting, but what if you have smaller apartment or space? Here is one very stylish and elegant interior design example for a small apartment located in the historical part of Kiev. The designer Rina Lovko and her creative team made a great job using natural materials and splashes of color to adorn the minimalistic interior.

The living room which is the social core of the apartment consists of two designated areas; dining spot in soft beige tonality- and a sitting space with colorful upholstery sofas. The plastic forms of the chairs dispersed in the apartment, and the lighting solutions are noteworthy. The beige and grayish tonality that serves as a color base for the apartment decor allows the splashes of bright colors as yellow, orange and purple to become a real focal point, which excites and vivid the space. The kitchen and bathroom spaces become really personalized and artful spots with their colorful pattern decoration and the unique furnishing solutions. On and all, thanks to creativity and stylish touch this small apartment becomes memorable, bright and airy space. seen at

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