Chinese Boutique Hotel Skytel

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It looks more like a piece of art or a gallery than a hotel isn’t it? That’s because it incorporates both functions – it is contemporary art exhibition space and a new generation Chinese boutique hotel architecture. The hotel interior offers truly a unique airy landscape, inspired by the sky (as the name suggests) water, mountains and earth – an elegant set up for the art exhibitions and enchanting experience for the guests of the hotel.

 The beautiful fairy starts at the lobby entrance where white spiral silk-screened partitions lead us into the word of abstract and yet serene hospitality space. Every detail of this space – from the custom made art lamps to the unusual furnishing and cladding of columns and reception desks – is a fine piece of workmanship as if the architecture and interior design must by and artistic match for the art pieces exhibited there. The comfortable (home- living room-like) soft sitting at the main area combined with artistic custom-made metal wall provides a welcoming retreat and rest space. The basic color tonality of white, grayish background and fresh blue, chosen by the architects from PANORAMA is accordingly supplemented by the strong presence of natural timber, brass elements, and marble. Nonetheless the exhibited art pieces fit perfectly into this color scheme and space character  – the black and white picture collage from local artist, the cloud like sculpture that seems destined for the hallway or the white wall with matching sculptures at the lobby area – all pieces fit perfectly (I don’t know how will they part with them!)

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