Chic Apartment by DontDIY studio

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An apartment with secret passages hidden in the walls, romantic nest residing under the roof and unique cabinetry that can be used as a stairway – an enigma is waiting to be reviled… that’s the new design of the Bulgarian studio DontDIY.

The fresh, vital plant life from the parks surrounding this small, chic apartment located in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia is penetrating as a playful green thread that goes throughout the interior decor of the place. The green nuances that form the dynamic interior can be found throughout the place – as a focal point of the living room, composing the carpet – sofa campo, as a secret stairway to the upper space and simultaneously a kitchen cabinetry, and even in the bathroom. In this way paying homage to the surrounding nature the designer from DontDIY studio set the tone of this welcoming small apartment, which entwines modern solutions with warm natural elements.

The Nature presence can be found in other design solutions throughout the apartment as well – in the clever and beautiful constructions of the wooden panels that hide and reveal the additional rooms of the space – bedroom, and small working place – in the elegant craftsmanship of the dining room furniture – we are particular fond of the edgeless design of the dining table – and what about these cute coffee tables – small circles rounding up the space?

The exposed brick wall painted in white, the restored and left uncovered supporting wooden beams in the nest on the mezzanine floor, and the wooden parquet (that sometimes quite untypically transfuses as a wall cladding) are marking points of the design that add certain rawness and welcoming rural emanation to the otherwise modern decor. The plasticity of the design with its hidden compartments, reviling spaces and unusual solutions makes the place very dynamic, interesting and ever-changing.  Photography: Asen Emilov

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