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Colorful and Trendy Parisian Hotel Decor

Parisian chic combined with infinite imagination and exuberance of unique textures and sensations. That is the new Hotel Chavanel in the trendy and historical heart of central Paris. Colorful palate, breathtaking contemporary sets, creative and stylish approach towards furnishing, lighting and textures, each and every small detail in this hotel is amazing, and altogether create…


Vintage Feel with Cassina Furnishings at Room Mate Hotel in Milan

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has filled new Milan hotel Room Mate Giulia with a colour clash of custom furniture from Italian brand Cassina. Urquiola – who was appointed Cassina’s art director in late 2015 – created a colourful interior intended to reflect the personality of the design capital. “Room Mate Giulia combines the essence of…


Villa Le Trident Renovation by 4a Architekten

Freshness, stylish elegance and historical charm combined in this Villa Le Trident, the project of which is a heritage-protected villa on the Côte d’Azur by Modernist architect Barry Dierks, it gets a contemporary renovation by 4a Architekten. The interesting history of the house is elegantly entwined with the contemporary simplicity of the functional elements. So…


11 Howard Hotel by Space Copenhagen

The newest creation of Studio Space Copenhagen the bold hotel 11 Howard is a beautiful example of contemporary Scandinavian design combined with bound-breaking creative modernism. As the designers admit, they like working with organic materials palette that ages well and gives timeless sensation to the decor composition. Custom-made pieces by Space Copenhagen that are handcrafted…