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White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication

White rhapsody whit a hint of bohemian sophistication, this renovated Victorian house in Australia enchants whit its elegance and fresh, artistic ambiance. The house has small secluded garden that refreshes the living arias panorama whit its green presents. The furnishing throughout the house is combination of classic comfort and contemporary art with clear lines. The…

Juranda House

The house is given structure by steel reinforced concrete cast on site with the slabs in prefabricated concrete remaining visible after construction. All of the brickwork is in ceramic blocks covered with a white render. They opted to put all of the house’s infrastructure on the lowest floor, making use of the nature slope, this…

Compact Work Areas

Spanish design studio Masquespacio have turned a dilapidated Valencia art gallery into an office for a law firm. The 100 square metre office has been divided into compact work areas with full-length glazed walls. The original wooden ceiling beams were restored to complement the wood of the tables, counter and chair legs. The overlapping wooden picture frames…