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Filigrana – a Refined Collection of New Decorations for Kreoo Bath

Three new decorative finishes and fittings with strong expressive value enrich (as an option) all the models of Nabhi collection, the system for bathroom extremely flexible for shape, size, materials and finishing. Applicable on the external side of bowls and washbasins, the collection of finishing called Filigrana is a universe of tactile sensations and play…

House of Happiness by the Architects Ministry of Design

The name of Loke Thye Kee Residence in Hainanese means ‘House of Happiness’ and the architects from Ministry of Design have correspondingly turned this beautiful 100 year-old villa into one serene and romantic hotel refuge for the visitors of Malaysia. Combining contemporary luxury with rich history and local charm the Residence offers not only the…

Braided Marble by Benedetta Tagliabue and Decormarmi for Marmomacc

It is possible to braid marble? A new avant-garde installation springs from the encounter from charisma and creativity of the Italian architect located in Barcelona, Arch Benedetta Tagliabue and the artistic-interpretative sensitivity of Decormarmi. Limestone is treated as fabric to evoke delicate shapes and light flexibility of wicker. “While devising a proposal that could celebrate…