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Tinderbox House by Breathe Architecture

Tinderbox House is an apartment part of historic brick warehouse in Melbourne, Australia designed by Breathe Architecture. Taking the essential elements of an eighteenth-century fire starting kit, the architects developed the loft’s aesthetic around flint, char cloth, and a fire steel striker. Matte black wall tiles replicate the char cloth while flinty grey-black accents and…

Dynamic Urban Office by Studio Roy David

Graffiti walls, beautiful wooden structures and cladding, urban polished concrete, unusual artistic shapes, designers lamps and furniture – three words to describe it – art, art, art, well and office if you can believe it? This dynamic, playful, urban office is designed by Israeli architectural Studio Roy David for two companies sharing the same roof….

Eclectic Mixture of Historical Heritage and Trendy Modernism at Palazzo Ducale Mantova

Art, luxury and eclectic mixture of historical heritage and trendy modernism – an amazing renovation of Italian apartment – a project by Key Cucine, in collaboration with Benedini Associati. The magnificent arches, frescos, columns and gallery-like exposition of Palazzo Ducale a Mantova historical building are undoubtedly the first impression and focal point for any observer. But…

Sophisticated Luxury Sahrai Hotel in Fez

Preserving the Moroccan romantic and adventures spirit in this five-star hotel foundation the architect and designer Christophe Pillet succeeded in elegantly entwining contemporary, sophisticated luxury with local traditional charm. The hotel is located in Fez and from its windows visitors may enjoy wonderful views over the largest “medina” in the Arab world and its rich…