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Semi-detached House by Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos

Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos designed two similar houses – Casa 2en1, for two brothers, avoiding simple replication and symmetry, homes are located in Burgos, Spain and architects use original local stone. Inside, a wooden staircase, together with walkways and high ceilings over the living room and the dining room, link several floors, promoting the wealth of…

Urban Home with Character-Defining Four Courtyards

Wonderful urban home with character-defining four courtyards and contemporary dynamics – that is the summon for the Andres Stebelski Arquitecto house project, located in the heart of old town Tacubaya, Mexico City. The vigorous architectural construct alternates solid volumes and voids courtyards and glass cubes, stairs and gardens, levels and trees – all framed with…

Piersons Way by Bates Masi Architects

East Hampton is a famous seaside refuge for New Yorkers and is no secret that oceanfront communities are becoming known for their overdevelopment and disconnection from their surrounding environment. But the architects for this property (Bates Masi Architects) had made a special effort, while constructing this residence for a young couple, to combine the family…