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Renovation Project by Architects EAT Turn Old Chocolate Factory into Dynamic Living Space

Hard to believe but this dynamic and contemporary space located in Melbourne, Australia is a result of reconstruction of old chocolate factory building. But that will explain its unique and intriguing character, wouldn’t it? The architects which implemented the renovation project the Architects EAT, successfully combined the preservation of the old charming features of the…

House Made of Rocks – An Open Float Between Interior and Surrounding Nature

The majestic beauty of nature combined with local traditions, minimalist contemporary charm and unexpected solutions give this project of Create + Think Design Studio located on the Pacific shore of Taiwan inexplicable character and mesmerizing atmosphere. A’tolan House – the name translated from the indigenous language of the native means “a house made of rocks”…

Rug with Strong Graphic Elements

Parisian designer Samuel Accoceberry has designed a collection of carpets for Chevalier Edition that express the spirit of plaiting and craftsmanship. The collaboration uses the authentic age old tradition and technique of hand-knotting into contemporary artistic expressions. The strong graphic element of the rugs make the pieces easily adaptable to various sizes and shapes. via

Alpine Residence by Camillo Botticini Architetto

A contemporary jewel – this Alpine residence appears rooted to the hillside looking through its panoramic windows towards the valley and with a garden nested between the might peaks of the Italian Alps. The Camillo Botticini Architetto have given their modern creation: composed of wood, glass and corrugated copper – a unique and amazing dynamic that…