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Cube House

Viktoriya Yakusha is a Ukrainian architect and interior designer, manager of Yakusha Design Studio. She designed a Cube House, located in a pine forest, in the town of Bucha, Kiev region, Ukraine. It’s designed for a family with three children. The main principle of the project was the maximum use of natural materials. Viktoriya Yakusha…

Bakery Place by Jo Cowen Architects

The project of Jo Cowen Architects for this old historical building located in Central London represents a series of former Victorian bakery buildings converted into 12 high-end dwellings that combine artistically contemporary design ideas with the thoughtful celebration of the building’s historical legacy. Incorporating the original glazed brick walls, textures and memories from the buildings…

White Cube House by AT26 Architecture and Design Team

The White Cubes House by AT26 Architecture and Design Team is located in a busy neighborhood corner of Bratislava, Slovakia so it’s modern and plastic facade makes an impression and at the same time fits into the family house surrounding. The smooth, soft whiteness of the facade with its conceptual arrangements may present its timeless…