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Fantastic Upholstered Furniture by Moroso

The leading Italian furniture brand Moroso has strict and uncompromising policy – it uses exclusively non polluting and as natural as possible materials when creating its stylish designs. Careful attentions towards the needs of the users, respect for the environment, global quality and renowned designers are the signature marks of Moroso. This divan captures us with…

Emme Stainless Steel Accessories by Mina

Minimal but never boring, they are simply beautiful. EMME accessories do of their simplicity and directness the basic framework to be able to place into every context, making it richer without overloading. A whole collection composed by laser-cut attractive elements that have been made by stainless steel bar, because in some accessories the protagonist par excellence…

Ypsy by Cristiana Macedo

YPSY is a stylized piece for bathroom or bedroom, a reinterpretation of the traditional ladder. Freestanding, modern, engaging, accurately singular! Two.Six Designer Cristiana Macedo was inspired by the traditional ladder to create this incredibly functional piece available in four colors. After find it, you will need it everywhere! Are you YPSY?

Colourful Handmade Storage Units

Furniture brand Schönbuch puts Emmanuelle Moureaux‘s handmade storage units- ‘Mille-Feuille’ into production. This is a bright collaboration between the Tokyo-based French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux and the German furniture company Schönbuch. Colourful, stand-alone statement pieces are available in S, M and L versions, with two, three and four drawers. Lacquered in eight, twelve or 21 colours the…

Iron Age by KIMU design

Based in Taiwan, uphold the fresh taste of Taiwan. KIMU design introduces design into our environment by the most simple and natural ways. They believe that design exists in closeness with humanity. Their products will positively transform the world. Because of our continued thoughts if plants could look at its reflection, we have developed the…