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Parisian Apartment by CUT Architects are Unique and Memorable

Parisian chic? Light contemporary style? Urban dynamic? Yeh, it sounds familiar, but the experience and the character of this apartment project from CUT Architects are unique and memorable! Composed by precious walnut wood and fragile glass, crisp sun light and full dark surfaces, vintage hints and minimalistic modern approach towards the design expression- this two…

Space Offers Elegant Minimalism With Functional Elements

This contemporary and intriguing interior design project is yet another example of supreme Ukrainian architecture and modern decoration from Eastern Europe, this time a creation of NOTT Design Studio located in Dnepropetrovsk. The space offers elegant minimalism combined with playful artistic experimentation and functional elements. The combination of colors, materials, and modernistic shapes is dynamic…

Apartment Decor in Soft Color Palette by Lera Katasonova Design

We had presented you projects of Ukrainian designer Lera Katasonova Design before but this two-level apartment is a bit different – it’s smoother, softer and entwines the old characteristics of the property in playful contemporary design. The high ceilings, the arched windows and other charming features of the original layout of the apartment are preserved…