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Renovation of Apartment in Niteroi by CI-AA

CI-AA practice made strategic interventions into this apartment interior to give the home a “young and dynamic character.” The Rio de Janeiro-based studio took advantage of the existent narrowness condition and explore it through its renovation of Apartment in Niterói. The original apartment configuration was quite clear: a long wall separating the sector of the…

Iris Pendant Light

The Iris pendant light is an extension of the Iris theme seen in a prior MacMaster design ‘Iris Floor Lamp’. The pendant light is one of three new products successfully launched at 100% Design (London) 2010. The pendant light is handmade to order in MacMaster’s London workshop by business partners Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall….

P.26 Apartment

Urban luxury created by architectural team Slava Balbek, Alexander Ivasiv​, Yulia Tkachenko​ are located in Kiev, Ukraine. The new Ukrainian architectural and design studios are fast becoming significant players on the world’s design scene and the projects coming from this part of the world always carry trendy, luxurious feeling with a modern edge and intriguing…

Between Madrid and Warsaw

Warsaw’s Górny Mokotów is one of the most beautiful and climatic districts of the city. Full of greenery, intimate cafés and traces of the history of Warsaw, far from the typical soulless urban settlements. Here, life flows to the rhythm of social gatherings, outdoor concerts and interpenetrating modernity and tradition. Mokotów was the place of…