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Home where Spirit of Viennese Classical Style is Entwined with the Modern Time

This is a home one definitely can fall in love with – a place where elegant contemporary lines and light features are combined with charming vintage pieces and the spirit of old classic Viennese is entwined with the modern time vital aspiration to reduce consummation and find the beauty of the restrained and well-balanced environment….

Apartment That Maximize Small Space with Clever Design

This contemporary apartment with classic urban features is a result of the intervention of don’t DIY Studio, here they had preserved the original layout and flow of premises adding modernistic trades that allow free movement between the spaces, sunny illumination to all and an atmosphere of freshness and ease. Sliding panels or white doors that merge…

Cliffside Transformed by the ARRCC into a Modern Holiday Escape

This three-story apartment situated on the water’s edge in Bantry Bay, Cape Town is composed by team of interior architects  ARRCC in collaboration with Christian Nell Designs and is an excellent example of rich contemporary decor full of light and art. The design composition is defined by the transparency of the glass structures; starting with…

Family Friendly Home Design by Ruetemple

Two-storey home in suburban Moscow, Russia has been made family-friendly with its play and common areas filled with light and open-plan organization. Completed by Ruetemple, the architects dismantled the beams between the floors to completely overhaul the existing framework. Subsequently, the communal programs wrap around a white structure that hides the staircase up to the…

Completely Rebuild Living Space for Two Families by XYI Design

A project that demonstrates the work of the XYI Design studio – demolished the several tiny rooms and rebuilt three living spaces with independent functions to connect two households. XYI Design studio: We opened a connection between the two households, demolished the seven tiny rooms, and rebuilt three living spaces with independent functions: public space,…