Casa Rampa Surrounded by Breathtaking View of Limay River

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The exotic location of this modern home situated in Patagonia, Argentina surrounded by breathtaking views of Limay River, lush vegetation and forests becomes the main inspiration for the home ambiance. Bringing the local nature inside the home the architects from Andrés Remy Arquitectos connected the three levels of the house by magnificent inner garden space located between the custom made cantilevered staircase and its glass partitions so that this aromatic paradise can bring freshness and unique character to the home.

The swimming pool design is also inspired by the mighty presence of the Limay River. Surrounding a simple wooden deck and providing additional fresh air to the living room premises the pool, and the garden zones are an integral part of the contemporary design of this house.

The material palette of the house design is also a modern read of the natural and local organic life and is composed by a rustic and warm palette of white lacquered woods, dyed walnut, cut stone and sanded local Lapacho wood. And although the house entwines dynamic modern architecture with references to vintage and rustic elements the premises are highly functional and simple. The rustic look of the sanded Lapacho walls hides doors and storage spaces, the organization of levels and premises secures the privacy and calm location of the bedrooms and the easy access to the social areas. So this project is a beautiful example of how a home design can be modern, fashionable and functional at the same time without undermining the real protagonist – the surrounding beauty of Nature.

In the master bedroom, the architects left the majestic river view to lead the design and added a skylight opening above the bed that provides not only additional light but invites the starry night into the home. The dining and kitchen zones are simple and functional but decided with impressive proportions and heights. The same openness of space, large view windows and glass partitions approach the architects used when composing the living zones, the garden openings, and the corridors. The color palette throughout the house is lead by the materials used in the design – the warm caramel of the wood presence dominates, the black and dark hues of the granite are reflected in the textiles and the furniture, and the whitens of the walls is replicated in the small textural details.   Photographs Alejandro Peral

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