Caro Hotel – Minimalistic Design and Historical Decor

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Romance with a hint of old epochs and a dash of contemporary art – ladies and gentlemen – the Caro Hotel! Eclectic fusion between rich history, refinement and elegant contemporary approach – this Spanish piece of art is located in the heart of Valencia and is the first historical monument – hotel that holds the title Heritage of Cultural Interest (BIC). The designer Francesc Rifé did a great job with the delicate entwining of times past and modern architectural elements, with the elegant merge of the original architectonic features of the former Palace of the Marquis of Caro, whose facade dates back to the nineteenth century and the contemporary, geometrics of the minimalistic design.

Besides the facade many other features with rich historical value have been preserved, renovated and integrated into the premises of this hotel – like the original mosaics that belong to the founding city of the Roman era (2nd century B.C.), or the thirteenth-century Arabic defensive wall, several gothic arches and nineteenth-century constructions are elegantly woven within modernistic furnishing and high quality innovative materials.

The lightness of the modernistic interior, the simplicity of colors (beige, white, black and their different tonalities and shades) and shapes – some of the bespoke furniture have unique and memorable presence –  create an ambiance that is warm, comfortable and innovative at the same time. A home away of home that offers greater tour around the 26 unique rooms with an unforgettable character and  social areas that enchant with the unusual combination of futuristic design and 2000 years of historic foundations.

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