Cabin 2 by Melbourne-Based Studio Maddison Architects

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This project of a country house Cabin 2 designed by studio Maddison Architects – is the Australian version of the cottages. Amazing place for families located on the bay in the suburbs of Melbourne.

To the old cottage from the 1960s, architects have added a modern extension, with the main emphasis was placed on maintaining the isolation and expression of each of the parts. The old house has two bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen.  The new extension is with an additional bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, living room, an office, a small kitchen and a sun terrace on the lower level. The unusual shape of the building allows it to fit better into the landscape.  photographer: Will Watt

The folding roof grows out from the topography to act as a new type of landform. – explained the architects.
The roof directly reflects the internal volume and the program of functions underneath, which lead upstairs to the elevated bedroom offering extensive valley views.

Rather than being a treatment added on, the interior surfaces carry the inherent nature of their components through with them, pushing an agenda of integral function between the outside and inside of the building. – said the architects.

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