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Brazilian House with Innovative Architecture and Decor by Yuri Vital

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The playful dynamics of this Brazilian house are just an introduction into a rich, innovative architecture and decor that breaks the paradigms. Supported by two concrete beam and four anticorrosive metal pillars the housing project of Yuri Vital architect offers a dynamic and irregular composition of stairs, void and secret spaces that are not only intriguing but also very vital and characteristic. The house facade is composed of raw concrete, glass, metal and varnished wood – a pure material palate that will age well and will not need significant investments for maintenance.

The whole house project is unpretentious and light – a place where cheerful living can take a lead over materialistic worries. Open towards the surrounding nature and the incredible views the house offers multiple dynamic living arrangements: if you like to chill out on the roof; were the presence of some artful details brings intrigue into your leisure time, or entertain guests in the glass aquarium-like public living room. Or even hide in the void under one of the levels were a hammock will envelop and shelter you for a rest.

Each of the spaces from the privet bedrooms to the wide open public zones carries a combination of ease and welcoming atmosphere adorned by contemporary furniture with whimsical and bespoke elements.

The row shell of this house in combination with the dynamic (and we may say cute) stairs compositions and the additional comfort brought by the characteristic pieces of furniture and the soft textiles is a magnificent experience of modern Brazilian architecture.   Photographs by Nelson Kon

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