B House – Modern Dwelling with Dark Accents

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The B House project of Tal Goldsmith Fish design studio is offering us beautiful interior landscape and picturesque angles of the decor.

Modern urban dwelling with a stylish and functional design that composes the spaces like a system of glass and aluminum partitions that envelopes the nucleus and the heart of the house, and allow control over the movements between the floors and the privet and public areas of the home. The owners of B House are a young couple with three kids that works from home offices, so the dynamics of opening and closing spaces is not only stylishly innovative but also particularly functional.

The whole space exudes a restrained elegance and slight artistic tension between industrial and soft. The material palette is chosen so that a stylish juxtaposition of textures and materials creates the dynamic of the interior glass and aluminum, wood and marble, innovation and classic. The geometrical contemporary shapes of the custom made library are becoming a central focal point of the living premise and are cleverly supplemented not only by the corresponding geometry of the lighting solutions but also by the warm juxtaposition of the rich wooden parquet and the soft textures of the furniture.

The color palate is also restrained with dominating pastel colors even in the children’s areas where the sophisticated taste amounts to simple, functional and playful space with a mild expression. And we just love the whimsical elements! In a productive dialog with the clients, the architects created a restrained, modern space, free of excessive decorations where the simple elegance of expression combines with practical approach towards the detail.  Photos by Amit Geron

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