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Carpet Trends 2015 – Colors, Forms, Materials and Innovations

We are definitely looking forward to January 2015 when in Hannover, Germany will open doors the new edition of DOMOTEX, the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. Here the newest trends, colors, forms, materials and innovations in floor covering and carpets fashion will be presented to the public and the feel that…


Modern Tropical Minimalist House by Studio MK27

When enjoying the tropical climate and luscious surrounding the architecture and design seems to have an easy task to create inviting, intriguing and comfortable dwelling. At least, the modern Brazilian designers make it look so. But in reality, considering the harsh climate conditions: heat, constant salty breeze, humidity and so on; the composition of a modern home,…


Vintage Charm Bohemian Villa in Brazil

This artistic, even bohemian villa located in Brazil is immediately capturing us with its vintage charm, welcoming ambiance and unusual design. The architectural construct, a creation of ATRIA arquitetos, is flexible and contemporary, defined by the local climate, existing vegetation (the architects emphasize on the fact that no tree was cut during the construction and…


Table Concept

John Tong’s Mooncake is a table concept where diners eat directly off of a moonscape-like tabletop, replete with what looks like shallow craters. Originally designed by studio +tongtong for a pop-up dinner for a fundraising event at Toronto’s Design Exchange, diners ate directly off the tabletop, “heightening the shared experience and establishing a stronger connection…