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Nuage Cloud Vases by Bouroullec Brothers

French designer-duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec will be presenting their collection of Nuage vases as part of Vitra‘s accessories collection at this year’s interior design fair taking place in Paris. The tubular form of the Nuage vessels, hence the name, is reminiscent of their stylized drawing of a cloud and first appeared in their work…


Truly Beautiful Apartment with Dark Brown Tiles by YCL Studio

Combining contemporary ingenuity and distinct old time traditions the designers from YCL Studio achieved one truly dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere for this project located at old city gates of Vilnius. The long rectangular space is divided in two distinctive moods – timeless clay coolness and monochrome play of light. The historic spirit of the place…


A Series Of Rugs Created Using Google Earth

David Hanauer, a Munich-based designer studying at the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts, uses Google Earth to find compelling images. Then, mirroring the layout of a traditional Persian rug, he arranges the images symmetrically around a central point, like a traditional Persian carpet. The subject matter depicted on WorldWide rugs ranges from the clotted urban…


Organic Piece of Furniture

Sleep Box represents a contemporary and organic piece of furniture, designed for the demands of an increasingly urbanized environment. A sinuous life-sized object which creates a place of comfort and relaxation within airports, offices or other semi-public spaces, providing peace and quiet in busy urban environments. The solid, smooth and uniform shell is made of…


Elysium – Outdoor Wooden Floor by Cora Parquet

Teak Elysium is the decking for outdoor. Strong resistance to weather conditions, natural oxidation, confers to wood a contemporary vintage look. Can be laid in extreme conditions like poolside and walkways in high humidity zones. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Wood flooring is physical and top-class, so it is the right…