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Oak Pass House – Contemporary Property Located in Beverly Hills

Mystic emanation, labyrinth-like premises, unusual and dynamic shapes and Asian minimalism strongly connected to its natural surrounding – this contemporary property located in Beverly Hills is very untypical and with a memorable character. The 130 protected Oak trees give the name for the mansion – Oak Pass House, they also define the premise and guard…

11 Howard Hotel by Space Copenhagen

The newest creation of Studio Space Copenhagen the bold hotel 11 Howard is a beautiful example of contemporary Scandinavian design combined with bound-breaking creative modernism. As the designers admit, they like working with organic materials palette that ages well and gives timeless sensation to the decor composition. Custom-made pieces by Space Copenhagen that are handcrafted…

Elegant and Very Artistic Villa Kristina by Wingardhs

This contemporary jewel is a dreamy, cozy home for a young family located in the surrounding neighborhoods of Gothenburg, Sweden. The architects from Wingardhs succeeded to entwine in this project the innovative spirit of contemporary Scandinavian architecture, the artistry of unique love and a hint of seaside romance: visible in the light colors and playful…

Rug with Strong Graphic Elements

Parisian designer Samuel Accoceberry has designed a collection of carpets for Chevalier Edition that express the spirit of plaiting and craftsmanship. The collaboration uses the authentic age old tradition and technique of hand-knotting into contemporary artistic expressions. The strong graphic element of the rugs make the pieces easily adaptable to various sizes and shapes. via