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  • Author: Monica Griffiths

Sala Ayutthaya Boutique Hotel in Thailand

The beautiful architecture and design of this boutique Thailand hotel emanates clean neatness and stylish simplicity – here the intriguing multi-waved geometrics of the impressive brick walls meets light and clear structures in white and marble. The architects from Onion had based their design on contemporary minimalistic approach but still adopted an eclectic transfuse of…


Cube House

Viktoriya Yakusha is a Ukrainian architect and interior designer, manager of Yakusha Design Studio. She designed a Cube House, located in a pine forest, in the town of Bucha, Kiev region, Ukraine. It’s designed for a family with three children. The main principle of the project was the maximum use of natural materials. Viktoriya Yakusha…


House Katarina by MultiPlan Architects

Beautiful pastoral siding hosts contemporary home with elegant dynamic interior design. The calm serenity and fresh emanation of the wooden finishing and furniture that transfuse into the clear whiteness of the architectural shell are harmoniously corresponding with the breath thanking natural surroundings of mountains, meadows, and lush vegetation. The property possesses the mutually complimenting contradictions…


Ancient Monastery Transformed Into a Magnificent Hotel and Restaurant

Where is this place, where the dark Middle Ages gothic architecture meet inventive contemporary design, where enchanted forest meets robust furniture craftsmanship, beautiful stone arches frame rich history and modular paneling at the same time?…well we were intrigue to discover this French former monastery complex turned into modern art hotel-restaurant. This astonishing place has been,…