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Hotel Renovation Shows the Tendencies of Contemporary Design

A complete interior renovation for the Singapore hotel Jen Tanglin – carried on by the Hong Kong-based studio BTR workshop shows the tendencies of contemporary design in bold, expressive manner. Inspired by Asian culture and highlighting the Singaporean theme the designers decorated the 565 rooms of the hotel – each with its unique character: with…


Wooden Table

Korean designer Chulan Kwak’s collection titled Wooden Tables, the design’s aesthetic references the whorls and layers characteristic of timber, however more so taking from the voids or spaces that can be created from these qualities by using a wiry-like material. This newer version has been improved for easier manufacturing, made from an aluminum alloy called…


Mangold Sofa by Arflex

Arflex works closely with internationally renowned and innovative designers and architects Claesson Koivisto Rune to created a soft, comfortable sofa seating – Mangold. The Mangold sofa system – inspired by art, architecture and geometry – is designed to be combined in an infinite number of combinations. The different seats and backrests have different depths and…


Bohemian Apartment with Chic Elements and Cozy Features by Marcelo Couto

A contemporary bohemian atmosphere with chic elements and cozy features is created by the Brazilian designer Marcelo Couto in an apartment located in the icon building of the Paulista Modern Architecture, built in 1964 by Rino Levi. The interior transformation of the apartment made by modern life dynamics is exploring the combination of highlighting the…