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Home where Spirit of Viennese Classical Style is Entwined with the Modern Time

This is a home one definitely can fall in love with – a place where elegant contemporary lines and light features are combined with charming vintage pieces and the spirit of old classic Viennese is entwined with the modern time vital aspiration to reduce consummation and find the beauty of the restrained and well-balanced environment….

Dewar Glassware by David Derksen

Dutch designer David Derksen has investigated the beauty, form and manufacturing techniques found within scientific glassware. Acting as a malleable and gentle buffer for the glass, the material combination is both functional and esthetically pleasant. With a contrast between artifact and its visual form becoming the starting point for the research, the development uses two…

Residence VDB – Concrete Volume that is Functional and Dynamic

Simple, contemporary concrete volume that is both functional and dynamic is resting on the picturesque landscape near the river Leie in Belgium. The modern and luxurious dwelling created by the Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects holds many hidden or exposed leisure time spaces that intrigue the imagination. Secluded roof – garden that has access only from…

Delta lamp series

Delta lamp series of design trio Rich Brilliant Willing draws its inspiration from the round ventilation ducts and jet engines. The series comes in four different designs and two colors (black and white). The black lights has a gilt interior and the golden glow from the lights makes them more similar to an afterburner than…

Studioplusthree Added a Recycled-Brick Extension at Llewellyn House

Architects office Studioplusthree has overhauled a traditional house in Sydney for a pair of musicians, adding a recycled-brick extension that features a projecting black steel awning. Situated in the suburb of Marrickville, Llewellyn House is a typical example of the Federation style that was prevalent in Australia at the turn of the 20th century. It was in…