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Traditional Japanese Lanterns with Different Art Forms

Matsuhiro Nishimoto is founder of Yume Zuki, a lantern shop based in Hiroshima, Japan. They combine traditional Japanese lanterns with different art forms. To Japanese people, Washi lanterns bring a feeling of nostalgia and old-world Japan. The word “Washi” comes from “wa”, meaning “Japanese”, and “shi”, meaning “paper”. The paper is hand-made using traditional methods…

DV8 Designs Unveils Creative Overhaul of Castle St Townhouse

Liverpool’s new all-day dining and drinking destination Castle St Townhouse has unveiled its original overhaul courtesy of DV8 Designs. The Warrington-based interior design and architecture firm, headed by Lee Birchall, was responsible for transforming the Grade II listed building into a venue that combines the ‘Three B’s’ (breakfast, brunch, and bar). In a bid to shape…