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White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication

White rhapsody whit a hint of bohemian sophistication, this renovated Victorian house in Australia enchants whit its elegance and fresh, artistic ambiance. The house has small secluded garden that refreshes the living arias panorama whit its green presents. The furnishing throughout the house is combination of classic comfort and contemporary art with clear lines. The…

Natural Stone Installation – Labyrinth by Antonio Facco

Natural-Stone innovator Antolini exhibit at the ICFF show labyrinth constructed from some of the World’s rarest materials, real natural stone. Thus, the exhibit at ICFF is part of an ongoing series in collaboration with the master of design Giulio Cappellini (of MOMA fame) to demonstrate the infinite potential of natural stone. Cappellini selected Antonio Facco…