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Patchwork Park

This patchwork park is located between a large office complex in Prague, Czech Republic. The business complex  was designed by Cigler Marani Architects, who designed this interesting courtyard for employees to enjoy in their free time.  Grassy knolls, chess boards, and some creative seating are all sprinkled throughout the area.

TripAdvisor’s Office Designed by Singapore’s Kyoob-id

Singapore’s commercial interior design company, Kyoob-id, has in September completed an interior design and build project for TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site. The office in Singapore comprises the general work area, seven meeting rooms, pantry, and resources rooms. Six months is needed to complete the design conceptualisation and building of this Asia Pacific regional…

Eclectic Urban Hong-Kong Restaurant by Kokaistudios

An eclectic urban atmosphere fills this Hong Kong restaurant and creates a dynamic ambiance for unforgettable dining experience; its design solution combines the sparkling glitter of modern jazzy interior and the robust, industrial shapes of the contemporary choices and geomantic figures. In the busy city life of Hong Kong, the sophisticated culinary experience has a…