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Bottleware by Nendo

Nendo’s collaboration with Coca-Cola sees the upcycling of the soft drink manufacturer’s classic contour bottle, in the form of glass blown tableware. The drinking vessel was designed by Earl R. Dean in the early 1900s and has become synonymous with the coca-cola brand ever since, being collected, washed and recycled to be used over and…

Mosaico by Bisazza

Italian manufacturer Bisazza is an award-winning top luxury designer as well as the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for both interior an exterior applications. They manufacture mosaic tile, glass tiles and glass mosaic tiles, as well as a line of luxury designer home products. A team of designers at Bisazza works with the world’s…

Collection of Wallcoverings Inspired by the World of Food

“Gardens of Wonder” is the all-new collection of wall coverings produced by Giardini Wallcoverings and signed by Vincenzo Dascanio. The brand-new collection goes beyond the simple concept of finishing: it is identity, imagination, pleasure  capable of cancelling the ordinary and everyday.“I Giardini delle Meraviglie” is a perfect synthesis between creativity and research, where materials and…