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Rodeio Restaurant

Restaurant with long lasting traditions in serving steakhouse menus to the local “vaqueiros” (cowboys) in Sao Paulo, Brazil the “Rodeio” recently open its first branch and entrusted the design to Isay Weinfeld. Drawing the inspiration for the interior from its origins and traditions, but using a contemporary approach and clear lined space arrangement the designers…

Glamorous Istanbul Apartment by Tanju Ozelgin

This glamorous and stylish apartment design is created by Tanju Özelgin and is located in the Turkish capital- Istanbul. The project goal to create memorable modern interior by mixing local forms and materials –raw concrete and stone combined with polished marble, wood and glass- in combination with contemporary furniture, astonishing art pieces and strong colors…

Vibrant Wallpapers from Europe

Designer wallpapers by Lavmi, a brand built on excellence. Gravure-printed on the finest non-woven material, they offer absolute simplicity and impact with an unconventional, refined sense of style. Designed by Babeta Ondrová. The trademark of her graphic work is unique that verges on purism, and an exquisite feel for fashion and trends. On-line shop www.lavmi.com

White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication

White rhapsody whit a hint of bohemian sophistication, this renovated Victorian house in Australia enchants whit its elegance and fresh, artistic ambiance. The house has small secluded garden that refreshes the living arias panorama whit its green presents. The furnishing throughout the house is combination of classic comfort and contemporary art with clear lines. The…