Australian Mini Paradise Home

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The aim of the architects of this Australian mini-paradise home was to create something textural, warm and timeless with a touch of whimsy that brings substance and character. And they achieved it. Oh, yeah they did. The house unfolds naturally in a free flow of space reviling one premise after another, effortlessly and with grace. The creators from Bower Architecture used a natural material palette (concrete, wood, and metal, with touches of brass and leather) to compose the contemporary structure and spiced it up by introducing vast water premises, gorgeous and lush greenery, intriguing inner yards and courtyard spaces.

The interior design grabs immediately with its bright, cheerful colors and exquisite art details spread throughout the house. The furnishing being almost minimalistic gives space and elegance to the compositions and yet introduces a rich variety of textures and experiences. The warmth of the home emanation is enhanced not only by the cheerful colors but also by the cozy textiles, the hint of rural art and the unusual vintage furniture piece all in characteristic colors and shapes. The comfy looking niches and spaces to snuggle, the beautiful, serene views towards the gardens, the colorful pillows were thrown here and there, and even the intense warm colors of the bathroom tiles – all create the feeling of a loved and comfortable Home.  Photography by Shannon McGrath

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