Artistic and Cozy City Dwelling by Studio Autori

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How to achieve bohemian but not pretentious atmosphere, modernistic but at the same time homey sensation, interior design that is delicate without being too organized? The answer of those questions is given to us by the newest project of the creative team in Studio Autori. Light, artistic and cozy this city dwelling is located in Belgrade, Serbia and its focus is on storytelling and custom solutions – a signature trade for the designers.

The approach of the designers’ team towards the space arrangement of this typical 60’s apartment is quite fresh, dynamic and provides an abundance of light throughout the premises. The delicate glass partitions that separate the study, bathroom and bedroom, add to the elegant character of the place and secure the unobstructed flow of light. The thin black lines that go as geometrical structures and framing give substance and direction to the crisp whiteness of the architectural shell. The natural material palette that includes polished concrete, exposed ceiling beams, rich textures and colorful textiles is contributing immensely to the homey sensation of this fresh design.

The custom-made furniture and fittings (like the kitchen joinery – so fresh and colorful with its pastel nuances, the shelving-creative and functional, the lighting and curtain railings throughout the apartment and the bathroom vanity and shower detail: all products of the creativity of Studio Autori team) are beautifully combined with restored vintage items and furniture and elegantly supplemented by contemporary design pieces like the Vertigo Bird lighting solutions or the FLOS suspended lamps. The abundance of fresh living greenery and the delicious color palette that includes mustard yellow, navy blue, deep green and peach rounds up the bohemian design arrangement into one warm and homey looking dwelling that is an aesthetic pleasure to observe and live in.   Photography by Relja Ivanić

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