Apartment in Trendy Dark Colors

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Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects offer us yet another example of modern, stylish and functional apartment design in Ukraine. The apartment decor offers contemporary comfort decided with minimal necessary furnishing, dynamic and trendy lighting solution project and renowned design brands furniture arrangements. The color palette is sustained in trendy dark colors spectrum with occasional vital splashes of orange and pastel green, framed by white ornaments and decorations.

Space offers multiple light arrangements, from the vast floor-to-ceiling windows to the disperse throughout the apartment, modern lamps, and hidden LED schemes. In the living room, the designers chose a low soft sitting arrangement with delightful wooden table sustained in very minimalist style.

In the kitchen- with its monolith white structures and fittings, with the modernistic suspended lamps and the dark base of walls and curtains, a character-defining element becomes the vital orange chairs and their contemporary shape. In the bathroom with its elegant “only the necessary” arrangement the accent goes for the white radiators in the shapes of minimalist tree branches and the vast window that illuminates the premise with an abundance of natural light. Nice luxurious impression makes the orchid plants that adorn most of the premises of this modern home.

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