Apartment in Dark Moody Colors by InCube

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The dark, moody colors, the intriguing modernistic shapes of the furniture and lighting solutions, the sensuality of expression and the overall urban sensation of this apartment project – all it says young, dynamic … bachelor.

The architects from InCube had created this full spirited dwelling in interior combinations and space arrangements that give a sort of placeless, timeless and dynamic vibe. The inner-connected premises, the big comfortable walk-in closed and the overall functionality of space divisions are marked for not only fashionable and modern design but also an arrangement of the interior that can be placed anywhere in the word – in this case in Kiev, Ukraine.

The main living space combines the bold fashionably shaped furniture, with stylish bespoke pieces like the wooden bookcases or the suspended lamps, the strong colors: black, purple, blue and moody pinkish shades; with the aesthetic presence of art sculptures and designers’ pieces of furniture.

The graphite coloring of the bedrooms, the naked polished walls and floors may not bring the most calming and sleepy-time vibe but combined with the unostentatious luxury of the place, the soft textures and minimalist design expression sure exuberant style and serenity.

The lighting scheme of the apartment is also quite impressive. From the hidden illumination in some premises, to the fashionable design lamps and elegant suspended lights that add charm to the rooms like in one of the bedrooms where the lighting objects become a central focal point, or how about the elegant installation hanging above the kitchen area?They all bring modern and stylish feature for the design of the apartment.  Photo: Andrew Avdeenko

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