Apartment Decor in Soft Color Palette by Lera Katasonova Design

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We had presented you projects of Ukrainian designer Lera Katasonova Design before but this two-level apartment is a bit different – it’s smoother, softer and entwines the old characteristics of the property in playful contemporary design. The high ceilings, the arched windows and other charming features of the original layout of the apartment are preserved and enriched by gorgeous natural material palette: wood, stone, glass and metal; serine color combinations, enchanting lighting solution scheme and rich textures.

The warm, homey feeling of the design comes from the soft color palette – hues of gray entwined with muted yellow, blue and ash of roses. In combination with the abundance of luxurious textiles: carpets, curtains, soft sittings; that bring the hint of old romance into the design combination. The furniture design, on the other hand, is contemporary and original but obviously inspired by some signature vintage pieces from the 60- ts.

According to the architects, most of the furniture and fittings are created by TEAM 7 factory, which is famous for their high quality modern wooden products, a fact that is corresponding wonderfully with the owners’ desire of organic and natural palette design. This stylish approach is combined with really magnificent lamp and lighting arrangement. Each premise has its focal point in the face of thematic design lights.

Starting with the famous Tom Dixson installation of brass, copper, and chrome, passing to the space cloud-like enchantment in the living room and going to the second floor were spherical dew-drops adorn the hallway followed by plastic pendant lamps Lolita by Moooi in the children’s room, elegant installation in the master bedroom and  Aplomb by Foscarini in the bathroom – all of the solutions are artistic and memorable adding unique charm and value to the whole design composition.

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