Amazing South African Mansion by SAOTA Architects

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This very romantic mansion has a stunning 360-degree mountain and sea views and is located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to its contemporary multileveled architecture the sliding walls and vast windows the premises are strongly connected whit their surroundings and the borders between in and out are blurred.  The contemporary concrete structures are supplemented by the solid presence of oak wood, wooden beams and cladding and artistic lattice elements that create the dynamic character of the space.

The architectural team from SAOTA succeeded in composing a space that is modern, functional and unique at the same time – the dynamic curves of the premises, the multilayered architectural construct and the unique elements like the sculptural timber clad stairs wrapped around a centrally positioned glass lift or the lattice structures throughout the space create an ambiance of charm and unmistakable identity. The furnishing is mostly from renowned designers’ brands with comfortable and modern emanation but in neutral tonality, leaving the leading role of the interior to the stunning views and the small design elements – like lamps, sculptures and artistic details.    Photographs: Adam Letch

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