Alpine Residence by Camillo Botticini Architetto

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A contemporary jewel – this Alpine residence appears rooted to the hillside looking through its panoramic windows towards the valley and with a garden nested between the might peaks of the Italian Alps. The Camillo Botticini Architetto have given their modern creation: composed of wood, glass and corrugated copper – a unique and amazing dynamic that sits on the edge of harmony and tension.

The interior reflects this balance, forming some unusually shaped premises with serene and stylish interior design, decided in light colors (with dominating white elements and backgrounds). Although the house architectural layout with its unique characteristics, shapes, and modernistic expression to be the most memorable feature of this Alpine villa, the interior design with its elegance and style is also contributing to the welcoming emanation of the project.

The height of the spaces within the house varies due to the sloping site, and that gives a dynamic and unique arrangement of the interior. The mezzanine that hosts the study above the living areas, the irregular C-shaped layout of the main living premises and dining zones, the skylights and panoramic windows, the nested orientation of the back yard with its spicy wooden deck – all give a unique and dynamic scene for the decor.

The furnishing is contemporary and comfortable. Some beautifully designed pieces that compose the lighting scheme are enhanced by the spaciousness of the rooms and the minimalism in decorating. The whiteness of the color compositions allows the functionality of the shapes and the smoothness of the surfaces to stand out and define the composition. The material palette used by the designers corresponds with the eco-friendly style of the project and reflects the natural surroundings of the Alps.

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