Country House Renovation by Mide Architetti

Renovating this historic building a farmhouse dating back to the 1887’s  the architects from Mide Architetti used materials that will maintain and enhance its typical characteristics: exposed brick walls, stone of Matraia and chestnut wood – to give the villa charming and simultaneously contemporary expression. The authentic charm of this Tuscany villa is preserved not…

Psychological Portrait and Metaphysical Landscape

Psychological portrait and metaphysical landscape by Hiroyasu Tsuri. He have used animals as symbols of instinctive emotion, or metaphor of state, or situation. By abstracting natural form, removing the familiar from its typical context and employing techniques of symbolism, Hiroyasu Tsuri has intend to depict timeless human figures, conditions, and structures of nature and humanity. via

Villa Le Trident Renovation by 4a Architekten

Freshness, stylish elegance and historical charm combined in this Villa Le Trident, the project of which is a heritage-protected villa on the Côte d’Azur by Modernist architect Barry Dierks, it gets a contemporary renovation by 4a Architekten. The interesting history of the house is elegantly entwined with the contemporary simplicity of the functional elements. So…