Floral Design Cement Tiles

Collection Azulej is Patricia Urquiola’s project for Mutina, she evaluate the memory of the hydraulic cement, experimenting an innovative digital printing technique which enables the production of a high diffusion product. The patterns deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometrical schemes, floral design, all developed both in a longitudinal and diagonal direction. via

Mexican House in Neutral Color Palette with Lots of Warm Wood

Thanks to clever architectural solutions by LGZ Taller de arquitectura and geometrical approach towards the arrangement of the space, this Mexican house appears much larger than it is in reality. Floating sequence from space to space, opening the premise with skylights, vast windows, generous heights, wooden ceiling beams, open sight lines and even the narrow…

Quartz Armchair

Greek design studio CTRLZAK have collaborated with Davide Barzaghi to create the Quartz Armchair. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures, which develop in three dimensions following natural crystalloid formations. The geometric volumes are covered with ecological fabrics in mixed colour variations producing an end result that resembles more a…