Leo Burnett HQ – One Truly Modern Urban Workspace

This innovative office design is intended to support highly dynamic working culture, occupies two floors of Hong Kong’s tower and hosts a wide range of design elements and art constructs. The designer Bean Buro had entwined creatively contextual narratives from the local hipster culture and hints of a vibrant urban lifestyle inherent for today’s’ dynamic…


Functional and Contemporary Work Place by Studio Guilherme Torres

This modern and artistic office located in Sao Paulo, Brazil is created by the conceptual architects from Studio Guilherme Torres. The space is constructed and designed in accordance with the preexisting architecture of the building and dynamic correlation with the surroundings and the city life, leading to the creation of harmonic, functional and contemporary work…


Vintage Charm Bohemian Villa in Brazil

This artistic, even bohemian villa located in Brazil is immediately capturing us with its vintage charm, welcoming ambiance and unusual design. The architectural construct, a creation of ATRIA arquitetos, is flexible and contemporary, defined by the local climate, existing vegetation (the architects emphasize on the fact that no tree was cut during the construction and…