Custom Wallpapers by Rollout

ROLLOUT, established in 2005, is a creative studio that designs and digitally prints custom wallpapers by the square foot. Recruiting community-based artists and designers, ROLLOUT is constantly on the hunt for exciting ideas from any inspiration. Illustration, photography, graphic design, and industrial design provide the inspiration; the walls provide the medium.

Design That Connects with Nature – Tiovivo Creativo Release Their Offices

Tiovivo Creativo, interior architecture and design studio from Valencia, has recently opened their new offices on Ruzafa´s neighborhood, designed with its most personal stamp based on a classic postmodernist environment with a certain tendency to eclecticism. These offices are conceptualized to create a functional and multipurpose space, where all of the details have been designed…

Forest Shelter with Romantic Name CEDRUS Residents

Calling it chalet will be an understatement, weren’t it? This gracious contemporary forest shelter, with the romantic name CEDRUS Residents, is a project of BOOM TOWN architects and is located on the shores of Gate Lake, Canada. The elegant and luxurious architectural construct compliments the majestic natural surrounding and offers interior synchronized with the breathtaking…