Single-Family Dwelling Reconstruction Carried by DEP Studio

This contemporary Italian restoration project of a single-family dwelling is located in the historic center of a small town and had gone under some clever reconstruction carried by dep studio regarding space arrangement and design makeover. Opening the living premises in one large double-height space, securing the abundance of natural light penetration without disturbing the privacy…

Plastic Meets Ceramic in Kartell by Laufen

‘Kartell by Laufen’ is a bathrooom which brings together the material essence and technological innovations of two companies: Italian furniture company Kartell and its use of plastic applied to the production of furniture; and Swiss specialist Laufen for its expertise in the production of ceramic bathroom pieces. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Polomba, integrated architecture…

Casa la Roca

The house overlooks the environment incorporating the landscape, making an atmosphere of outdoor life, reconstructing the dynamic perception of the space with an emphasis on the emotional bonds between subject and nature. Working with nature is a way of working towards the understanding of our world.via

Unique and Trendy Guest House Pumphouse Point

The amazing location of this unusual guesthouse – the Pumphouse Point requires nothing less that amazing interior decor solutions. Nested inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and originally constructed as part of Tasmania’s hydro-electric scheme but not used for over 20 years the place offered a great challenge for the architects from Cumulus Studio….

Ordinary Live

These paintings and drawings explore the potential for spookiness and uneasiness that exists within the everyday in common dwellings and houses.  The ability for the other to exist in the ordinary through fantasy, hauntings, memory and dreams, relationship to similar urban houses, are represented in these works.

Ceramic Wall Tiles by Marazzi

For the Milan Triennale in 1960, Gio’ Ponti and Alberto Rosselli designed a 4-time curved ceramic brick with shiny surfaces and in different colours. Today Marazzi Tecnica presents its Triennale Project: an open dialogue between past and future, design and industrial production, form and matter, art and architecture, ceramic and stoneware, dedicated to the projects of…