Design Trends – Future Design Materials According to Top Designers

Exploring the view of some of the world’s leading designers about which material according to them will be strongly entertained and trendy in the next three years at the design scene, we summon a design trend research for you – which will be the future design material? An although this completely unfair (and practically impossible)…


The Hotel Room for Ideas Office by ColectivArquitectura

Alternating wood and concrete, contemporary and traditional the architects from ColectivArquitectura turned this modern office into one very unconventional and artistic space. Located in the heart of historic city center neighborhood of Lisbon the place is reconstructed building dated back to 1500`s. Some of the architectural elements of the building have survived through the centuries…


Rustic Charm Home by Fabio Carrabetta

This very organic ambiance composed with elements of rustic charm and simplicity expressions translated in contemporary design language is combining eco-friendly recycled elements and functional, minimalist fittings. The home is located in Rome, Italy and is created by Fabio Carrabetta. The alternation of wood, stone, marble and concrete in the design material palette defines the…