Contemporary Apartment Located in Taipei

Taipei Base Design Center are an award winning design company that was established in 2002 at Taipei City, Taiwan. The services they provided are interior design, architecture design, media and visual design, restaurant management. They have won Red Dot Design Award, IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), G-Mark (Good Design Award) and iF Design Award (International…


Wooden Table

Korean designer Chulan Kwak’s collection titled Wooden Tables, the design’s aesthetic references the whorls and layers characteristic of timber, however more so taking from the voids or spaces that can be created from these qualities by using a wiry-like material. This newer version has been improved for easier manufacturing, made from an aluminum alloy called…


Contemporary Urban Dwelling by Stephen Collins Interior Design

Contemporary urban dwelling with bold colors and playful elements created by Stephen Collins Interior Design. The apartment is small but with vast panoramic windows that invite the Australian urban scenery into the modern interior. This openness of the premises to the dynamic urban life is softened by the tranquility and the sophisticated elegance of the…