Lightweight Lightings

Estonian designer Margus Triibmann has created ‘Lightweight Lightings’ for his design studio Keha3. Mimicking the form of a weight, this lighting element is designed for durability and flexibilty so as to last many generations: it can be suspended by industrial power cords as individual fixtures or grouped together to create chandeliers of various sizes. via

Tree Restaurant in Sydney

Koichi Takada Architects has designed the TREE Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. “Our practice explores how contemporary interior design can best embody the qualities and virtues present in nature. We propose a dining concept that recreates HANAMI, the traditional Japanese festival of the Cherry Blossom in bloom. Dining under the cherry blossom trees is a social…

Hotel Renovation Shows the Tendencies of Contemporary Design

A complete interior renovation for the Singapore hotel Jen Tanglin – carried on by the Hong Kong-based studio BTR workshop shows the tendencies of contemporary design in bold, expressive manner. Inspired by Asian culture and highlighting the Singaporean theme the designers decorated the 565 rooms of the hotel – each with its unique character: with…

Sea-Coast House at Williamstown Beach

The extensive usage of dark wood and limestone in this Australian sea-coast house project  creates such a warm and solid environment. Reflecting the sand shades and connecting the welcoming interior with the best feature that the surrounding can offer, that the wood cladding, furnishing, and construction becomes the most notable characteristic of this contemporary home….