Mellow and Mature Ambiance Located in Old Classic Town of Elwood

Contemporary and artistic this Australian – Elwood restaurant offers a holistic multi-zoned space approach towards architecture, design, venue and dining experience. Inspired by its local sentiment (Elwood town with its rich variety of Victorian, Edwardian and Interwar architecture had become synonymous for classic countenance) the Milton restaurant designed by Biasol Design Studio evokes a sense…


Mixing Classic with Urban Dynamics in Berlin

Calling their project the Brew Box, the architectural studio Itay Friedman Architects “cooked up” this intriguing space, located in Berlin, which combines innovatively, contemporary art and classic quality in an unusual and playful way. The owner of the apartment liked the industrial style design and needed a space that combines privacy and working environment, so…


House B

This contemporary Italian house that notably draws its inspiration from modern functionalism as an architectural construct and the self-sufficiency from the Roman homes is one refreshing and untypical project for its suburban surroundings. The beautiful clear lined dynamic of the silhouette alternates natural materials (wood, concrete, and steel – constructing the spine of the home)…